Learn More About Us and Our Passion for Artful Teddy Bears!

Who are we? Well, we’re the ones giving you a creative, special, and lasting alternative to the conventional act of gift-giving. Say goodbye to the usual array of store-bought gifts and usher in the era of cuddly teddy bears! Here’s how it all started:

Teddy Bear Malaysia

Teddy Kisses was started by a couple of entrepreneurs– Everlyn and Hui Lee– two corporate professionals who saw the need to spice up the artful act of gift giving.

So how and why did these two white collared professionals end up delving into the cuddly world of teddy bears? Full time jobs in the corporate world had them stressed out to what felt like the point of no return. They knew that there had to be something out there that they could do to make not just themselves happy but the people around them as well.

A fateful trip to the mall to scour for the perfect present for their good friend’s going-away fiesta led to what can only be described as an epiphany. Everlyn and Hui Lee realized that besides the usual hob-knob of did-that-done-that gifts, there was nothing out there that made for a meaningful present.

After hours of trekking around the mall, everything just seemed generic and off-the-shelf. Every option seemed worse than the last. It didn’t seem like there was anything out there that their friend, Emma, couldn’t just buy for herself. Then it hit them: Why not give her something from the heart? Why not present her with something that she can keep, hold on to, and cherish no matter where in the world she ended up at? Enter: teddy bears.

Teddy Bear Malaysia

Even with the excellent gift idea in mind, Everlyn and Hui Lee couldn’t find a teddy bear that perfectly encompassed everything that they felt for their friend. There was nothing that spoke of the myriad of memories they shared together: the time they hiked seven hours to get to a non-existent waterfall, the time they dined and dashed as teenagers, and the many times they laughed, cried, sang, danced, ate, and played well into the night.

That’s when they decided to personalize a teddy bear for Emma. They wanted to tell a poetic yet wordless story–their story–and fit it all into a little teddy bear that would remind her of them until their next reunion, whenever that would be.

That was how Teddy Kisses was born.   

Shopping for Emma made Everlyn and Hui Lee realize that if they had problems finding the perfect gift for someone they cared about, then many others would be facing the same problem. Today, Teddy Kisses offers high quality, adorably cuddly teddy bears with a personalized touch geared towards that someone special. Whether you are presenting someone with a graduation present or simply want something that says “ I love you to the moon and back”, we have an array of teddy bears that will be sure to let the receiver know just how much they mean to you.