baby teddy bear malaysia
Baby Teddy Bear

Brighten Up Your Baby’s Room with A Cute Baby Teddy Bear

A Cute Baby Teddy Bear To Brighten Up Your Baby’s Room

The offspring of bears in the wild are known as cubs. However, you don’t really see retailers selling teddy bear cubs do you? The shelves write baby teddy bear, not teddy bear cubs. Strange don’t you think? However, these little guys make great gifts due to the exaggerated childlike characteristics that they have which make you want to pick one up and bring him home.

Baby Teddy Bear Malaysia

“How is this not insanely cute?!”

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

In popular culture, the image of a baby teddy bear or baby bear is quite popular. As seen in the children’s tale Goldilocks.

This popular children’s tale features Goldilocks, a girl who stumbles into a random cottage in the middle of the forest. She then proceeds to force entry into the home of a family of bears and proceeds to taste all of their food before falling asleep in the bed of the baby bear. Doesn’t sound so nice when you say it that way isn’t it? Goldilocks is essentially a tale of how humans have destroyed the habitats and sources of food of animals with our greed and selfish nature.

“Don’t say you did not see this coming”

They’re of the Highest Quality. Not to Mention Insanely Cute and Fluffy

Baby Teddy Bear Malaysia

However, what is it about a baby teddy bear that makes it so cute and huggable? The image of a tubby, furry little bear with a slight belly just warms us up from the inside. Instinctively, the science behind cuteness is that seeing cute things generates a desire to nurture and protect. Hence, this is why animal babies are simply irresistible to us. It is simply nature’s way of ensuring that the next generation will be able to survive.

Baby Teddy Bear Malaysia

Forget the Internet theories that tells you that each character in the series is suffering from some form of mental illness. Eeeyore has depression, Rabbit suffers from OCD and Christopher Robin is suffering from schizophrenia; talking animals anyone? Oops, we did it again, there goes your childhood.

“Here, forget about all that we said, here’s a picture of a fat bear eating honey”

Put A Smile on Someone’s Face 

Baby Teddy Bear Malaysia

Sorry about that, now take a look at Winnie The Pooh; supposedly a full grown bear living on his own in Ashdown Forest. He spends his days eating and looking for Honey. If he’s not eating he’s looking for Honey and vice versa. Illogical yes. But anyone will tell you that something about Winnie The Pooh just makes you want to give him a nice, warm hug and making sure that he has a lifelong supply of honey for the rest of his days. Even writing this article makes me want to hug him and love him.

Why do we feel this way? This is because Winnie The Pooh often exhibits the traits of a much younger character i.e. a toddler in this case. His clumsy style of walking which is reminiscent of a toddler, his childlike enthusiasm, his simple approach to life and how is seems to be so carefree all the time. How Christopher Robinson refers to him with an indulgent “silly little Pooh bear”. All of these traits are intended to portray Pooh as a baby i.e. a cub.

Now that we have educated you on the science behind the cute facade that baby teddy bears have, pick one up for your girlfriend or wife this evening, and watch her heart melt as she swoons at the immense cuteness.

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