blue teddy bear malaysia
Blue Teddy Bear

May Your Days No Longer Be Blue with This Blue Teddy Bear

Finding Her An Extraordinary Gift

Okay, so you are looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, but can’t think of anything that would be truly special and unique. Well, what about a blue teddy bear?

“But teddy bears are so common!” you might object. Yes, ordinary teddy bears are indeed common. So how about a blue one?

“A blue Teddy Bear?” “Yes, you heard it right, a blue teddy bear. It is truly unique and special… Just like your girlfriend! So get one for her. It is so cute that it will keep the blues away on those cold and rainy days. She will love it!

“But isn’t pink for girls and blue for boys?” you might ask. After all, your girlfriend is feminine, so you want to get her something girly. But did you know that not so long ago light blue was considered the color for girls?

blue teddy bear malaysia

The Significance of the Color Blue

Blue is a color that has a lot of significance in pretty much all cultures. It’s the color of the water and the color of the sky. It’s cold and it’s calming. Ancient Chinese philosophers often associate masculinity with fire (red), while femininity is linked to water (blue). Blue is also important in Indian culture. Krishna, one of the main Hindu gods, has dark blue skin. That’s why the color blue is somehow associated with him and his blessings.

In Greek culture, blue is thought to keep evil spirits away. Have you seen pictures of Greek villages with white and blue houses? The reason why you can see so much of the color blue in Greek architecture is mainly to ward evil spirits away. A similar phenomenon can also be observed in Turkey. Blue eye symbols are often worn to protect oneself from the evil.

In addition, Anglo-Saxon cultures such as the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and New Zealand often associate the color blue with sadness and depression. You probably would have heard of the saying “feeling blue”. Not to mention that there’s an entire genre of sad love songs called blues! It’s hard to say where this association between the color blue and sadness came from because it doesn’t seem to be present in other cultures. For example, in German culture, to be blue means to be drunk. Whereas in Russian culture, to be light blue means to be a homosexual.

Blue as a Universal Color

Aristocrats are known to have blue blood! Blue is the universal color, since we all live under the same blue sky. It signifies peace, serenity, and calmness. It can also signify originality when applied to things that are usually not blue, like hair… Or even a blue teddy bear!

Blue as a Versatile Color

Blue may not be the most conventional color for a teddy bear, but please do bear with us, (pun intended) as we strongly believe that blue maybe one of the most versatile colors.

Teddy bears have always been given as gifts to symbolize thanks, congratulations and even sympathy. Hence, this is why the blue teddy may actually be the gift to bring to a baby shower. Originally, we thought that a baby shower was an event where the newborn baby was literally showered. However, our team of researchers has informed us that baby showers are events where the new mother is “showered” with new gifts.

So, we hear you sneer, what good is a blue teddy bear as a gift. For starters, the color blue has always been symbolic with a soothing, calm sensation which represents coolness. The birth of a new child is a stressful affair for the new parents who need to contend with nosy relatives and friends and sleepless nights.

Blue is for boys, pink is for girls… Or is it?

Hence, when you present your blue teddy bear to the proud parents, tell them that the color blue is meant to represent calmness and bring about a soothing feeling. Whereas the teddy bear is a companion for the child to being comfort to him/her during the early years of life in a strange, new world. Also, gender stereotypes i.e. pink for girls and blue for boys should be put to rest, bombarding your new baby girl with striking colors like red and pink will only serve to distress the poor child. The soothing tones of baby blue should instill a sense of calm and comfort for the new baby and not overload the poor child’s senses.

Should the new parents failed to be wowed by your understanding of color psychology, we recommend asking them loudly if they would rather be gifted with a bottle of Pepsi blue. The ensuing uproar would give you time to beat a hasty retreat.

Impress Your Girl with a Blue Teddy Bear!

As you can see, there’s nothing inherently masculine about the color blue, if anything, it is still considered a feminine color in some cultures today. So don’t worry about giving your girlfriend a blue teddy bear! She’ll definitely appreciate it. After all, what’s better for keeping the blues away than a blue teddy bear?

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