giant teddy bear malaysia
Giant Teddy Bear

Gifts with a “Wow” Factor: A Giant Teddy Bear

Looking for a Gift That’s Larger Than Life (Literally)? Well, Seek and You Shall Find.

If you want to present someone special with an incomparable gift, then you have come to the right place. There is nothing better than a giant teddy bear to warm the heart with joy and envelop the soul with love! At Teddy Kisses, we are proud to deliver this enormous bundle of joy that will leave a lasting impact on the recipient’s heart. We know that every giant teddy bear delivered has surely made someone’s day.  Whether you’re buying it for your girlfriend, children, sibling or even your parent, it is a symbol of love that is being passed on to another. Men or women, boys or girls, young or old, a giant human-sized teddy bear will truly surprise them on any special occasion.  We’ve all been through the headache of gift shopping and having a hard time figuring out what presents to get for someone we care about. Well not anymore, Teddy Kisses is here to save the day!

Giant Teddy Bear with an Engagement Ring

It is your big day. You finally plan to propose to the love of your life. What could be more romantic as an accompanying gift other than a giant teddy bear? Picture yourself holding a giant teddy bear about the same height as you. You get down on one knee and pop the question: “Will you marry me?” You pull out the ring and wait anxiously for her answer. Let teddy do half the work. How can she possibly say no to such an adorable face? Imagine her friends’ reaction when they hear about the story on how you proposed to her! She will be the center of attention and all her friends will be green with envy. Your girl will feel so special that she can’t wait to be yours forever. 

giant teddy bear malaysia

Giant Teddy Bear with a Fruit Basket

So someone we know is currently sick and recuperating in the hospital. What can we possibly get them to brighten up the sterile hospital room? A giant teddy bear of course! Flowers are great but they usually wither in days. Fruit baskets are popular choices too but surely we can do better. Let’s top that with a giant plush toy to cheer up our friend or family member who’s ill. 

giant teddy bear malaysia

Being in hospital can be very lonesome indeed. The many hours a patient has to spend alone when visitors are only allowed during certain times of the day. When you present someone a fruit basket along with a giant teddy bear, you would have given them a companion. Something they can snuggle up to when they are sleeping or reading. The patient will no longer be counting hours till their next visitor arrives. For kids, having a cuddly toy next to them gives them comfort, especially when the doctor or nurses comes in with medication or needles. As Mary Poppins would say: “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Likewise, we believe a giant teddy bear would make a patient smile.

Giant Teddy Bear with a Box of Chocolates or Candy

At Teddy Kisses, we know how important it is for you to impress your girl. Whether it’s her birthday, graduation day, anniversary or just your way of saying “I love you”, she will be thrilled to receive a beautiful box of chocolates alongside a cute giant plush toy. We provide teddy bear and chocolate delivery around Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley free of charge! Add on a personalized message for free and her heart will surely melt when our giant gift is being delivered to her! This wonderful memory will last for years on end and she can’t help but smile each time she sees the giant teddy in her room. And thinks of you! 

Giant Teddy Bear for Guys? 

It is your first wedding anniversary and you don’t have a clue of what to give to your husband when he gets home from work. He calls you and tells you not to prepare dinner because he wants to take you out to a special dinner somewhere. You are wondering what gift you would give him that will leave a lasting impression on him for years to come. Worry no more. A giant teddy bear could be the best solution. I guarantee it will be the last thing on his mind and his jaw will drop when he sees it! 

Giant Teddy Bear as Corporate Gifts

Say you’re in the committee responsible for planning your company annual dinner. You’re cracking your head on the vast list of lucky draw gifts. Why not get some giant teddy bears with a customized t-shirt bearing your company logo printed on them? Not only will these look good in pictures, it can also be an excellent way of branding and marketing your company.

Why Us?

There may be quite a few teddy bear stores out there but can they really offer you exactly what you need? Can they truly take the muss and fuss out of selecting the ultimate giant teddy bear and turn it into a joyous shopping experience? Of course not. That’s our speciality. Here are several reasons why presenting someone with one of our fabulous giant teddy bears is a good idea:

All our bears are of the highest quality

Trust us when we say that quality is our number one priority. There is nothing worse than shoddy workmanship when it comes to something as special as teddy bears, and GIANT ones at that! We will make sure that every giant teddy bear will be of the highest quality. You need not worry about it losing its plushness after a day. Neither do you have to worry about its seams coming undone and having to clean up a giant mess of stuffing two weeks in. Rest assured that we take great pride in our work. We will make sure that your giant teddy bear meets stringent quality control standards. 

We promise you a personalized touch

What makes our giant teddy bears so special is that they are so much more than just toy bears. We will make sure that every bear you purchase is able to tell your story. No, we don’t mean giant talking teddy bears because that is just downright strange. We mean giant teddy bears with a personalized touch unlike any other. You will be able to determine the message you want to send to your special someone. Also, feel free to choose from an array of adorable t-shirts for your teddy bear. These t-shirts will bear (pun intended) a special message– any message you want– to make sure that the recipient knows just how you feel. Think of your giant teddy bear as a cute and cuddly messenger of sorts. From a simple “I love you!” to a poem that expresses your joy, your giant teddy bear will be certainly be the bearer of a magical surprise.

Do not pay more than you have to

Despite our excellent service and amazing array of personalized touches, you need not worry about paying an arm and a leg for your giant teddy bear. We guarantee that no matter how over the top your giant teddy bear is, you will be treated to affordable rates that will not break the bank. We understand the reason you turned to us for help and we promise not to let you down. Our goal is to make you happy so that you will keep coming back for more, and a surefire way to do that is to keep your shopping experience a pleasurable and competitively priced one.

So what are you waiting for?

Have we convinced you yet? If we haven’t, just think of it this way: you know that you will not go wrong with a giant teddy bear. There is just something about receiving an adorable plush toy that will warm even the coldest of hearts. If you are on the fence about this, then there is truly no harm in just giving it a go anyway. At the end of the day, everyone loves a good teddy bear so do not wait any longer to wow that someone special with an ENORMOUS show of love today!







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