human size teddy bear malaysia
Giant Teddy Bear

Human Size Teddy Bear: Your Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Size

Show your girlfriend or boyfriend you care with an awesome gift. Sure, you might be holding each other, but we also need something big and furry to hug every once in a while. What better gift could you get than a human size teddy bear? Your loved one will beam with joy and rush to embrace their new teddy bear – just don’t feel bad when they love that bear more than you. We have an adorable collection of unique, customizable teddy bears, so you can choose the perfect fit for that special someone!

Knowing What Size to Get 

Our giant teddy bears range in size from 1.2 meters to over 3 meters. Depending on whether you’re buying a teddy bear for your girlfriend, wife or kid, it’s crucial that you know exactly how large your teddy bear will be when it comes in. You don’t want to end up like the Singaporean dude who had 3 life-sized Snorlax plushies delivered to his apartment when he was only expecting mini ones. And risk having his wife divorcing him because of that! 

human size teddy bear malaysiaAnd was desperately selling them online after they crowded his living room.

human size teddy bear malaysia

Grabbing the tape measure can be a hassle, and it’s troublesome attempting to visualize how big your teddy bear is going to be. Do you want a teddy bear that towers over your daughter? Do you want one that your wife can kiss right on the nose while standing up? Don’t worry – we’re here to help you figure out just how big your teddy bear needs to be!

Why do we sell human size teddy bears?

Truth is, we believe that good things come in big packages 🙂 Our teddy bears are not just human size, but they’re generally much larger than regular people. Teddy bears were originally created to offer children a source of companionship, and warmth and protection when there was none. Now teddy bears are popular among all age groups, young and old alike.

Teddy bears were invented in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, who refused to shoot a black bear when he was out hunting in Mississippi. The teddy bear has indeed come a long way since its first design of a short, football-shaped head and small eyes. Now we see them with big, round heads and eyes, and adorable feet and paws!

It’s simple: if a small teddy bear is adorable and melts your heart into embracing it, how much more so would a teddy bear that takes up half of your bedroom? This is a cold and cruel world, and many people have a lack of love and affection in their lives. A giant teddy bear is a huge, wonderful gift that will make even the staunchest frown break out into beams of pure joy.

When you give someone a human size teddy bear, you’re saying more than just a simple “I love you.” You’re showing that person the warmth and care you have for them from the very bottom of your heart. Every giant teddy bear that we craft is meant to reflect the heart and personality of the person for whom it’s made. We have a team of careful, loving experts who know how to add just the right touches to creating a plush masterpiece of cuteness and delight.

Choosing the Right Size 

At Teddy Kisses, we offer human size teddy bears ranging from 1.2 meters up till 3.4 meters. For such a special ordeal, we want to do everything we can to help you get your order right. You don’t want a teddy bear that’s too big, or too small. Just like Goldilocks, we’re dedicated to crafting for you a teddy bear that is just right for you and your loved one’s desires.

Below are a series of handy ways that you can visualize what your giant teddy bear will look like, and how large it will be, before you order and receive your delivery. Before you purchase a giant teddy bear, you should know the height of your loved one ahead of time. Do you want a bear that they can see eye-to-eye with? Or are you looking for a truly giant, plush friend that you can wrap your entire arms around? 

Human Size Teddy Bear For Infants

When you’re buying a teddy bear for a baby, you probably don’t need to buy a giant one, since babies are so small. The length of the average infant at birth is between 19-20 inches, which is about one-and-one-third the size of a bowling pin. Pretty much any regular teddy bear you find will fit your newborn, but he or she is eventually going to outgrow it!

When your infant is 3 months old, they’re probably around 24-25 inches. At 6 months, he or she is probably 27 inches. Meanwhile a 9-month-old is approximately 29 inches. Even some of our smallest teddy bears, made to be around 1.2 meters, could give your baby a full hug. Your infant could even sleep on top of its furry tummy!

Human Size Teddy Bear For Toddlers

When a child reaches one, they’re a little more than 30 inches. Once they’re two years old, they would be around 36 inches tall. Four year olds are around 42 inches. A giant teddy bear that is 1.2 meters tall would be eye-level or only up to the shoulders of most toddlers. A giant teddy bear that’s 1.4-1.6 meters would be looking down on your toddler, and if it’s close to 2 meters tall, toddlers will love running up and hugging that giant teddy bear around its furry belly!

Human Size Teddy Bear For Bigger Kids

The average 10-year-old is 54 inches tall. If your child wants a same-size companion, that would fall within the range of a 1.2 to 1.4 meter giant teddy bear. The average height of a 14-year-old boy is 65 inches, whereas a girl would be 63 inches. A giant teddy bear that is 1.5 meters would be just about looking into their eyes. On the other hand, a teddy bear that’s anywhere more than 2 meters would be towering over them.

Human Size Teddy Bear For Men

If a man is 6 feet tall while standing, a bear that is 1.8 meters will be just about the same height as him. A bear that is 1.9 meters would be facing his eye level. On the contrary, a giant teddy bear that is 2 meters will be close to a head taller than he is.

Human Size Teddy Bear For Women

The average woman stands around 5 feet and 5 inches. If you have a special girl in your life, think about whether she might want kids some day. If she does, buy her a bear that’s between 1.2 to 1.4 meters tall, and she can bend down to hug it and pat it on its furry head.

Maybe she might want a furry companion she can see eye-to-eye with. A human size teddy bear that is 1.6 or 1.7 meters would see the world in the same perspective as she does. A teddy bear that’s 1.8 meters would be looking down on her, and give her a sense of warmth and protection.

The Best Visualization of Our Teddy Bear Sizes

How large is the teddy bear itself? Maybe you prefer to focus on the height of your giant teddy bear, first. We have a comprehensive list of sizes of our giant teddy bears, and we’ve compared them to the lengths and height of objects or people you can easily visualize.

1.2 meters (3’ 11”)

120 cm is around the height of the average 7-year-old. Say you’re 6 feet tall, the teddy bear would probably your belt or waist line.

1.4 meters (4’ 7”)

This giant teddy bear is about four-fifths as tall as your refrigerator, not including the freezer on top! 

1.6 meters (5’ 2”)

A giant teddy bear this size would be approximately four-fifths as long as your twin size bed. The perfect size if your wife or girlfriend wants an extra snuggle partner that you don’t have to feel jealous about … maybe.

1.8 meters (5’ 11”)

This giant teddy bear is nine-tenths as long as a queen size bed. If you’re 6 feet tall, you can give it a big kiss on its adorable forehead!

2.0 meters (6’ 7”)

A giant teddy bear that’s as tall as Michael Jordan. It’s also as long as your king size bed. Your giant teddy bear will barely be able to fit through the doorway.

2.3 meters (7’ 6”)

This teddy might be just about as tall as an artificial Christmas tree, and will definitely have to duck to get through a doorway. Alternatively, take four natural steps forward. The distance crossed is most likely the height of this giant teddy bear. The ears of your giant teddy will probably be brushing your ceiling.

2.6 meters (8’ 6”)

A teddy bear this size could be about as tall as two primary school kids standing on top of each other. A bear this tall will likely bump its head on the ceiling.

3.0 meters (9’ 10”)

Now we’re getting big! A 3 meter teddy bear is around half as tall as a giraffe. A teddy this big will be best placed in the corner of a bedroom as he’s over three yards tall. He will have to sit if he’s going to fit inside of any room in your house.

3.4 meters (11’ 2”)

This enormous teddy bear is almost the size of two full-grown men standing on top of each other. Perfect for that lady if she wants to be held by a furry, adorable giant.

Why Teddy Kisses

We are proud to create some of the best human size teddy bears in the industry. Our bears are crafted by experts in cuddliness and cuteness, and then stuffed full of love. Our goal is to bring happiness to this world and return the recipient to childhood innocence. And we do just that by providing people adorable bears that will last a lifetime. Life is challenging as it is so we wanted to give people a furry friend who will alleviate their stress and worries. And we warm up their souls with a simple hug from one of our giant teddy bears.

Quality is Priority. We Don’t Cut Corners.

When you purchase a giant teddy bear from us, you aren’t just buying any large teddy bear. We sell them largest, and we sell them with more stuffing and love than any other company. You might have heard the horror story of the giant teddy bear that was sold with ridiculously long legs. But not with our brand. Our human size teddy bears are measured and fit into exact proportions for maximum cuteness and fluffiness.

Made to Last

Our giant teddy bears are amazingly soft, super cuddly, and make for a gift that can last a lifetime. A child might need a companion. An adult may want to indulge in some playful, childish pleasures and use it as an enormous pillow. No matter who you are, is there seriously anyone in the world who can resist a gigantic, adorable teddy bear?






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