Animal Teddy Bear Malaysia
Animal Teddy Bear MalaysiaAnimal Teddy Bear MalaysiaAnimal Teddy Bear MalaysiaAnimal Teddy Bear MalaysiaAnimal Teddy Bear MalaysiaAnimal Teddy Bear MalaysiaAnimal Teddy Bear MalaysiaAnimal Teddy Bear Malaysia

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What comes to your mind when I mention animal teddy bears?

Animal Teddy Bear Malaysia

Most of us would be familiar with the internet meme featuring Xzibit going “Yo dawg we heard that you like X so we put an X in your Y so you can verb while you verb”. For our younger readers, Xzibit is a rapper and also a host for that horrible MTV Show “Pimp My Ride” which humiliates people by installing ridiculous modifications on their cars. Fortunately, this meme hilarious meme was spawned:

And how does Xzibit relate to all this craziness? Well, teddy bears are well and cute, but do you know what is even cuter? Teddy bears dressed up in costumes as other animals. A Halloween for teddy bears if you may. In direct translation: Teddy bears dressed up in the skins of other animals masquerading as something else (ohhkayy, that got really creepy really fast).

“The look on your face right now”

Animal Teddy Bear Malaysia

Cute Animal Teddy Bears

Jokes aside, we are not going to disagree that animals dressed up in animal costumes are extremely adorable. Costumes for teddy bears are like cuteness multipliers (cute-ception?); a teddy bear on its own is cute enough, but put him in a costume and just watch everyone melt.

Animal Teddy Bear Malaysia

They make great gifts

Besides looking astronomically cute and making good fun out of Westside rapper Xzibit, teddy bear in animal costumes also make great gifts. Teddy bears have been around for more then a century and are starting to look decidedly drab. Instead of the traditional teddy bears dressed up in tuxedos or dresses, why not have a “party animal” teddy bear.

No, we don’t mean strapping a party hat on some stuffed animals. We mean why not get some teddy bears dressing up in animal costumes. Perhaps you have an anniversary coming up with your girlfriend who loves cats, why not get her animal teddy bears instead of a kitten? Not just any teddy bear, but one with a super cute facial expression. While this writer is a lover of animals, animal teddy bears like a cat may be the better choice. Firstly, there’s all of the fun and none of the clean-up. Also, the animal teddy bears will not run away nor break your heart!

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