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Almost everyone loves the gift of a big teddy bear. This has been a staple of gift-giving for generations. Men, women, and children of all ages love teddy bears. They are part of our culture. Even people who claim to be “too old for stuffed animals” tend to have a place in their hearts for bears. These are great gifts, to be sure.

Even better, they are gifts for any occasion and any point of the time of the year. They remain popular figures in songs, books, films, television shows, and just about anything else you can imagine. They have their origins in one of the most popular U.S. Presidents in history. There is so much about teddy bears, whether it is a big teddy bear, a medium teddy bear, or a small teddy bear, that we love. They can represent the happiest times in our lives. At the same time, they can mean something else entirely.

Big Teddy Bear Malaysia

For many, many people, teddy bears are so much more than just a gift.

Why Are Teddy Bears Important?

Firstly, softness has a tremendous, nurturing impact on our minds. However, a number of studies suggest that this emotional benefit can have physical benefits, as well. There is a very distinct possibility that the softness of teddy bears can actually contribute in some small-but-meaningful-way to the physical healing process. Of course, there is no concrete evidence of that, but it certainly sounds plausible. This is particularly true, if you owned a small or big teddy bear growing up.

Big Teddy Bear Malaysia

Secondly, teddy bears can also help us to navigate emotionally difficult times, as well. Stuffed animals represents empathy. The ones we tend to connect to on a profound level are the ones with faces that soothe as much as the actual softness can. More often than not, particularly with teddy bears, the faces suggest understanding, or even deep affection. In addition, they certainly suggest friendliness, which is why teddy bears are so great for good times, as well as the sad ones. This is also why they are top choices in gift staple, no matter what time of the year it might be.

Keep in mind that these benefits can apply to all ages. Adults who may own a small or big teddy bear might refer to them as “good luck charms”. That is certainly true, but that feeling also stems from all of the benefits we mentioned above.

Big Teddy Bear Malaysia

Facts About A Big Teddy Bear

As you can imagine, there are a lot of interesting facts about teddy bears out there. Here are a few of the most interesting tidbits:

  • Teddy bears were created after a story about President Theodore Roosevelt. The story went that Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub that was brought to him. It charmed the nation, spreading quickly, and culminating in the invention of the teddy bear!
  • Goldilocks and The Three Bears was the first known example of bears in literature.
  • By 1903, teddy bears were becoming massively popular. The German company Steiff shipped approximately 3000 to the United States in that year alone.
  • In 1907, the “Teddy’s Bear Picnic” was composed and the words weren’t added until 1932.
  • By 1908, teddy bears were being manufactured in England.
  • In 1919, a teddy bear was part of a nonstop trans-Atlantic flight for the first time ever. Alcock and Brown brought bears with them for their flight from Newfoundland to China.
  • By 1920, Rupert Bear was making appearances in children’s literature. He continues to be one of the most beloved teddy bears in the world.
  • Winnie the Pooh made his first appearance in 1926, becoming one of the most iconic teddy bears of all time. Walt Disney would go on to acquire the property, launching books, cartoons, and films that continue to delight individuals of all ages and backgrounds.
  • The first truly washable teddy bear was created in 1954.
  • Teddy bears now exist in all shapes and sizes. In addition to being able to find all kinds of contenders for a big teddy bear, you can find bears as small as 8.5 mm tall. That size is currently registered by Guinness as the smallest teddy bear in the world.

Big Teddy Bear Malaysia

Teddy Bear Gifts

You really can’t say enough about teddy bears as gifts. Anyone of any age can appreciate a soft, adorable bear. You can find specialty bears for sports fans, comic book fans, or anyone else you can possibly imagine. Therefore, these bears are great for birthdays, graduations, the holidays, starting a new job, or the hope that someone gets better soon.

Bears can come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors. You can even find bears with different accessories, like hats, eyeglasses, and scarves. Hence, teddy bears are unquestionably here to stay.


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