Birthday Teddy Bear Malaysia
Birthday Teddy Bear MalaysiaBirthday Teddy Bear MalaysiaBirthday Teddy Bear MalaysiaBirthday Teddy Bear MalaysiaBirthday Teddy Bear MalaysiaBirthday Teddy Bear Malaysia

Birthday Teddy Bear


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A birthday teddy bear as a gift

Birthdays serve as reminders that once again another year has passed and we are now a year older. Unsurprisingly, a birthday teddy bear is a popular gift for both young and old alike. Just picture the bright smile on your kid’s face when they see a giant plush toy. Or hear your girlfriend or spouse squeal with excitement amongst her friends or colleagues when an unexpected surprise is brought to her in person by our friendly team!

Birthday Teddy Bear Malaysia

The teddy bear, although humble and lacking features like touch screen access, WiFi and even Youtube access, is still a much better gift than an iPad or iPhone. Don’t believe us? Have a look at our handy-dandy birthday gift guide. 

Birthday Teddy Bear Malaysia

Sleek, slim, cold and stylish, iPhones represent everything that teddy bears are not. At first glance, the good old teddy bear may seem like a thing of the past. But it has been proven to be a timeless yet classic gift for the many years to come. A giant teddy bear (unlike tiny ones) will not be placed at the corner of the closet and then forgotten. Instead, they are usually placed at prominent parts of the house. And is sure to draw the attention of your guests who can’t wait to take selfies with them. Electronic gadgets, on the other hand, become outdated quicker than you think. When the next new smartphone is launched, your current gadget will be outdated already (but not these massive cute toys). 

Birthday Teddy Bear Malaysia

Move away from the typical smartphones and tablets as gifts

Sure, Smartphones looks good, but they run out of battery at the most inopportune time. A Smartphone also requires idiotic updates and eventually replaceable. Purchasing a smartphone as a gift for a loved one is potentially the least romantic way of saying “I love you“. Consider this dear readers, showing “love” for a person means taking the time to get to know them. In addition, accepting them for all their flaws and imperfections. *cue for John Legend’s All of You to start playing*

Birthday Teddy Bear Malaysia

A teddy bear is everything that the smartphone is not, unpretending, unhip and unsexy, overweight and not the least bit worried about it. We love teddy bears for what they symbolize, loving and accepting and most definitely unworried about any of his flaws. In a digital world like we live in, people connects more then ever, but also isolates themselves more then ever. We live in an era where romance is about the next Instagram post. People usually spend their Valentine’s Day dinners and birthday celebrations bombarding Facebook with pictures of their “lifestyle”. Why not add a cute giant teddy to your next post? 

Birthday Teddy Bear Malaysia

So what are you waiting for?

This is why the birthday teddy bear could be the most romantic gift that you ever buy for your loved one. A birthday teddy bear is real, and he is always there for you. At the end of a long day at work, the teddy will always be there with his beady black eyes and chubby body. Always ready with a hug and always there to dry your eyes.

Birthday Teddy Bear Malaysia

The smartphone by contrast is constantly bombarding you with notifications from Whatsapp and Facebook. It is a ball and chain holding you on to all that is superficial in this world. Sure, a teddy bear may not play Candy Crush with you. But he’ll be there holding your hands through the hard times. Try hugging a smartphone and see what happens. Just kidding! We’re not responsible for anything that may happen to you if you do this.


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Birthday Teddy Bear

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