Blue Teddy Bear Malaysia
Blue Teddy Bear MalaysiaBlue Teddy Bear MalaysiaBlue Teddy Bear MalaysiaBlue Teddy Bear MalaysiaBlue Teddy Bear MalaysiaBlue Teddy Bear MalaysiaBlue Teddy Bear MalaysiaBlue Teddy Bear Malaysia

Blue Teddy Bear


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Your Days Won’t Be Blue Anymore with A Cute Blue Teddy Bear

What comes to mind when one mention Blue Teddy Bear? When we think of the color blue, several things usually come to mind:

Blue Teddy Bear Malaysia

i) The Police

No, we are not referring to the massively popular rock/ska band The Police. We are referring to our good old boys and girls in blue, the PDRM. If you look closely, the abang in the picture above could also masquerade as a blue teddy bear. Geddit? Its because he’s round and has a blue uniform. Please don’t arrest us.

ii) Smurfs

“Steve, you idiot”

“We mean this Smurf”

So yes, when we think of the color blue, we think of either the PDRM or the popular cartoon series the Smurfs. Some of our older, less health conscious readers may also recall the failed Pepsi Blue.

“Mmmm, tastes like coloring”

However, lets not forget the humble teddy bear who like Pepsi, also comes in a shade of blue. Blue may not be the most conventional color for a teddy bear, but blue maybe one of the most versatile colors.

Blue Teddy Bear Malaysia

Blue a not so conventional color

Teddy bears are gifts which symbolizes thanks, congratulations and even sympathy. Hence, this is why the blue Teddy may actually be the gift to bring to a baby shower. Originally, we thought that a baby shower was an event where they literally shower the newborn baby. However, baby showers are events where the new mother is “showered” with new gifts.

So, we hear you sneer, what good is a blue teddy bear as a gift. For starters, the color blue has always been symbolic with a soothing, calm sensation which represents coolness. The birth of a new child is a stressful affair for the new parents who need to contend with nosy relatives and friends and sleepless nights.

Blue Teddy Bear Malaysia

Hence, when you present your blue teddy bear to the proud parents, tell them that the color blue is meant to represent calmness and bring about a soothing feeling. Whereas the teddy bear is a companion for the child to being comfort to him/her during the early years of life in a strange, new world. Also, gender stereotypes i.e. pink for girls and blue for boys should be put to rest. Bombarding your new baby girl with striking colors like red and pink will only serve to distress the poor child. The soothing tones of baby blue should instill a sense of calm and comfort for the new baby and not overload the poor child’s senses.


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Blue Teddy Bear

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