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Collectible Teddy Bears

About a century ago, the first teddy bear was envisioned in the mind of Morris Michtom. He was inspired by the compassion of the 25th American President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Originally intended to be a simple children’s toy, the collectible teddy bears has become much more than just a toy.

The teddy bear has now become a part of popular culture in general for their roles in television, literature and even film. The humble teddy bear is also deem to be collectible among some circles.

Collectible Teddy Bear Malaysia

Mr. Bean

Most of our readers would most likely have fond memories watching Mr. Bean on television, laughing at his hilarious antics and wondering how a bumbling fool like that actually got through his day.

“In another time, this would have been incredibly creepy”

Deep analysis of the Mr. Bean series aside, a replica of the teddy featured on the show would make a great collectible for any fans of the Mr. Bean series. Given our obsession with popular culture, collectible teddy bears as seen in Mr. Bean would not be out of place beside your green Mini Cooper.

“Now all you need to do is to speak in a mumbling English accent and you’re all set”

One would be able to replicate the lifestyle of an awkward, clumsy loner living in an urban environment, slowly succumbing to the incredible loneliness of living in a faceless city. Wow, that got real really fast didn’t it? We will not be surprised if a couple of our readers could actually relate to the loneliness felt by Mr. Bean, if you do then congratulations, you’re almost like Mr. Bean. Add collecting teddy bears to repertoire, and you might as well change your last name to Bean.

Paddington Bear

Another excellent collectible teddy bear would be Paddington bear. You know, the one with the station named after him, the one with the crippling love for marmalade sandwiches? Some folks may have had Winnie the Pooh, but this writer grew up reading Paddington bear and watching some of his cartoons. With his iconic duffle coat and adorable British accent, Paddington bear taught his readers to be polite. Other than that, he always “try so hard to get things right”.

In addition, he embodies everything good about his world, a strong belief in fair play and a desire to always to the right thing. He has an endless capacity to get into trouble and a love for all thing sweet.

The Paddington Collective produces plenty of collectible teddy bears. A trip to London would not be complete without a visit to  the iconic Paddington station to purchase collectible Paddington bear merchandise.

Collectible Teddy Bear Malaysia

Teddy Kisses’s Blue and Pink Shirt Teddy Bear

How about one of these adorable bears? With a removable t-shirt, you can choose to dress it up or down and hug it to sleep. They’re soft, cuddly and so cute. This would be a great accessory to add to anyone’s bedroom. And regardless the occasion – birthdays, engagement parties, weddings, Valentine’s Day, baby showers etc. you’d be sure the recipient will not be disappointed! 


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