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Everyone Needs a Hug Sometimes

The definition of millennials is a person born between the 1980s and early-to-mid 1990s. Millennials are often portrayed somewhat unfairly as  unmotivated. They are ill-disciplined with a distinct lack of focus. But dear readers, please do not forget that millennials represent the new generation. They are usually tech-savvy, creative and also entrepreneurial. This rings true for a developing nation like Malaysia where one can see that more millennials have banded together to build their own start-ups.

Cuddly Teddy Bear Malaysia

Perform a Google search with the words millennial and unhappiness. One is sure to find articles with titles like “Why Millennials Are Unhappy”. The terms unhappiness and dissatisfaction are synonymous and ring true with every other millennial out there. Perhaps it is the excessive expectations built up from a lifetime spent on Facebook and Instagram contrasted with the harsh realities of life which has produced a generation of dissatisfied, unhappy campers.

However dear readers, we are not talking about millennials as much as we would love to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the new generation. Caught you there for a moment there didn’t we? In this article we will be discussing why cuddly teddy bears are still relevant to this new generation.

“In this economy, you’d need at least 10 to retire comfortably”

Open up your Facebook app and some of your friends or even yourself may have posts like the above on your wall (if that’s still a Facebook thing). Millennials tend to regard their close friends as akin to family to compensate for the feelings of isolation. Hence, we have determined that millennials are folks who are most in need of a hug as compared to other generations.

Cuddly Teddy Bear Malaysia

Our Solution: A Cuddly Teddy Bear

Thus, we have the ideal solution for these lonely souls; cuddly teddy bears designed to be extra cuddly and huggable.


In the immortal of Beatles legend Paul McCartney, sometimes “All You Need is Love”. Unfortunately, we live in an Asian society where physical contact between individuals is not very normal. It may lead to hilarious and awkward situations as below:

“The moment when the Lord of Darkness is more loving then you”

Thus, for the lonely individual looking for a bit of love in this world, a cuddly teddy bear may be ideal for someone like you. Large, fuzzy and oh so adorable. Cuddly teddy bear is naturally cuddly and he won’t judge you for showing some love.

“How can you not want to hug this little guy”

For the times when one feels as if the world is beating down on you, come home to this adorable guy. Give him a good squeeze. Let yourself cry it all out. Designed specifically to be squeezed and hugged, cuddly teddy bear brings you all the comfort of eating a tub of ice cream without any of the guilt.

Cuddly Teddy Bear Malaysia

They make good presents for all you guys out there who have a special lady friend that you may have feelings for (wink, wink). Let this cute, huggable guy represent your affection of her. Who knows? Even the toughest need a hug when it all just becomes too much.

On a side note; for all you folks who feel alone and maybe life has become to difficult to handle, reach out to a friend or anybody for that matter and just talk it out.


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