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Cute Teddy Bears

Most of us would have fond memories of teddy bears keeping us feeling safe at night. With his soft, round body and stubby limbs, cute teddy bears has brought comfort to many children. They provide them with security from the night terrors that most children face.

Cute Teddy Bear Malaysia

The first versions of the teddy bear were nothing like the examples we have today. Early examples of the teddy bear were usually more elongated, thinner and had less exaggerated childlike characteristics. As time went on, the designs of teddy bears began to evolve. Later versions of this classic toy had more exaggerated child-like characteristics. For example, shorter, stubbier limbs and a larger face with a more prominent forehead.

Note, the example of a vintage teddy bear above, the classic teddy bears tended to feature more “adult” like characteristics with longer limbs and a smaller head.

In stark contrast, the example of more “modern” teddy bear features stubbier hands and legs. It has a much wider face with a more prominent forehead. Moreover, newer generation bears also tended to have a more blunt “face” with the absence of a snout as seen in the older teddy bears. This effect is intended to give the teddy bears a much cuter look with a focus on more childlike features.

Cute Teddy Bear Malaysia

The shift in design

One of the reasons as to why design has moved in this direction could be the changes in attitudes of society. The early 1900s were a time when most folks were tough and stern. It was when they just survived World War I and The Great Depression. Fast forward fifty or more years, and the world is just recovering from the effects of World War II. At the same time, America is enjoying the prosperity of the post-war years.

People have become more hopeful and optimistic, with a paradigm shift having taking place. It is becoming acceptable to be in love and to romance and be romanced. With such a change in cultural attitudes, it is safe to say that the teddy bear also moved with the times. It has change his look to the more recognizable cute look to appeal to a wider range of audiences.

Cute Teddy Bear Malaysia

Teddy in the modern days

Manufacturers know that by having their teddy bears looking extra adorable, this would trigger a psychological reaction in consumers. Studies have shown that looking at adorable things i.e. puppies, kittens, babies and cute teddy bears will trigger our protective and nurturing instincts. Thus, in the wild this was meant to ensure that the offspring of animals would be able to survive and consumers in the supermarkets would purchase an extra cute teddy bear.Cute Teddy Bear Malaysia

The cute teddy bears put on a bit more weight to make his body more huggable. They put on a cute ol’ face to appeal to adults and children alike. For courting teens and young adults, presenting your loved one with cute teddy bears became the next big thing. Love is essentially a series of chemical processes which affects the decision making process. For a young man in love, cute Teddy bear would seem like the ideal gift for his beloved. A means to show his adoration for his special someone.


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