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The Glorious Day of Every Student

Ah graduation, a momentous event in the life of every young student. A ceremony celebrating the 3-5 years or maybe even more years of heartache, skipping classes, and of course having fun. Every year, hundreds of students gather in giant halls, don ridiculous robes and hats to receive a piece of paper. After that, everyone will be taking pictures, striking poses and giving a graduation teddy bear.

Graduation Teddy Bear Malaysia

Wait, did he just say graduation teddy bear?

Yes, dear readers, we did say graduation teddy bear.

ConGRADtulations to you, the graduate, you are now part of the labor force. All those years struggling to earn that piece of paper have earned you the right to call yourself a member of the working force.

Graduation Teddy Bear Malaysia

“Not that graduate”

Celebrate with a Graduation Teddy Bear

Pardon the pun our dear readers, however one often notices enterprising merchants selling graduation day themed teddy bears at most convocations. Especially here in Malaysia. In Malaysia, it is even more ridiculous as universities are not content with strangling you for your money. However, they have a desire to squeeze even more money out of you by offering adorable graduation teddy bears.

Having attended several convocations himself, this writer is aware of the allure that a teddy bear dressed in a graduation gown and holding a faux degree may have. Often, happy friends and family will be posing alongside the newly minted graduate. They will be clutching a bouquet of flowers (another graduation staple) and a teddy bear.

Graduation Teddy Bear Malaysia

Originally, the pursuit of higher education was about improving oneself  and obtaining additional knowledge in the pursuit of excellence. Strange how now how obtaining a degree can now be summarized as paying an arm and a leg for a degree only to end up posing with a graduation teddy bear, some flowers and a fake scroll while dressed in a gown and a silly hat.

Please do not get us wrong dear readers, our purpose is to satirize everything. We do not mean to offend anyone out there who has put blood, sweat and tears into obtaining a degree.

No one actually knows how the tradition of giving out teddy bears during graduation started. Perhaps these bears are a form of recognition to all of the sacrifices made to obtain a degree. Looking back on this bear many years later, perhaps the graduate may have a nostalgic tear to the days of youth that are long gone.

Graduation Teddy Bear Malaysia

A Parting Gift

Perhaps these bears represents a parting gift to the graduate. As the graduate is now finally stepping into the “real” world i.e. getting a proper job for the first time. The teddy bear can seen as a goodbye gift that signifies the end one phase of life (schooling) and the beginning of a new era (working).

Wow, that got really deep, really fast. All satire and deep analytics into life aside, teddy bears actually make ideal gifts for graduates. They are usually custom made for the occasion and are therefore considered unique. If not, those little guys can serve as a reminder to you many years down the road of that particular phase in your life.


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