Happy Mother's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

Happy Mother’s Day Teddy Bear

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Say Thank You with a Happy Mother’s Day Teddy Bear

Why not celebrate Mother’s Day a little different this year. Instead of the typical bouquet of roses and maybe chocolates, why not take a home a happy mother’s day teddy bear. Mother’s Day is the celebration of motherhood. It is a way for children and husbands to appreciate the sacrifice of such a special woman in their lives.

Happy Mother's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

In Malaysia, we usually celebrate Mother’s Day by taking our dear old mom to dinner. In addition, maybe buying her a special card. However, dinners are eaten and cards are just pictures with printed words on them. Even seasoned writers like us over here, can’t seem to summon the strength to write our moms a simple, heartfelt Mother’s Day gift.

A Simple Gift Can Make Her Day

Thus, why not bring home a happy mother’s day teddy bear instead? Furry, soft and huggable, he comes with plenty of accessories; shirts, jumpers and costumes. Perhaps your local gift shop only stocks plain old teddy bears – those barbarians! Fret not, you can easily get your own teddy bear customized and delivered to your doorstep.

Happy Mother's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

Why not include a personal message together with your order? Tell your mom how much you appreciate her for all the sacrifices she has made for you over the years.

A Gift to Remember 

A happy mother’s day teddy bear is a symbolic gift for your dear old mom or the mother of your children. Why do we say this? The Teddy bear is a tangible gift. You can hug him and place him in pictures. And more importantly, he doesn’t wilt away like roses. He represents warmth, love and security. Everything that a mother represents, one who makes you feel safe, sheltered and all the while loving you for everything that you are. Where did you think the term, a face that only a mother could love came from. Gifts like teddy bears allow people to form emotional bonds with him, 20 years down the road, your dear old mom will remember this Teddy as a present she received from you all those years ago.

Happy Mother's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

Flowers and chocolates are the go to gifts of choice for any guy out there when he wants to give his wife a present. We like to assure ourselves that it’s the thought that counts. However, guys, this lady has carried your child for 9 months, she takes care of them and loves you. A truckload of roses and a tonne of chocolate would most likely wreck the Cameron Highlands economy and give your entire family a severe case of chocolate poisoning.

Mother’s Day celebrates the sacrifices and heartache that mothers go through keeping the family together. The gift should be a symbolic of a mother’s sacrifice and love.

Happy Mother's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

Chocolates and roses are for romance guys. These gifts don’t scream out thank you for all your blood, sweat and tears. So, go tell your wife (if you have kids) or your mom that you love her.


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