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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. It is an occasion when guys scramble to buy overpriced flowers, chocolates and I Love You teddy bear. It is a day when we all treat each other better for a single day. The next day, everyone goes back to their usual unromantic selves and relationships resume all normality.

I Love You Teddy Bear Malaysia

Trivia: Valentine’s Day is the commemoration of the sacrifice of Saint Valentine, the patron of Valentine’s day. Legend has it that Saint Valentine defied the decree issued by Emperor Claudius II which prohibits young men from getting married. Valentine continued to secretly perform marriages for couples, despite it being against the law. Apparently the emperor had decided that single men made better soldiers than married ones. This is because those with wives and families tend to under perform in the battlefield. When Valentine’s disregard for the law were discovered, the emperor had him executed. As a result of Valentine’s sacrifice, we can all celebrate love. 

I Love You Teddy Bear Malaysia

A birthday is an occasion when a person celebrates the day that they were born into this world. It is also a day that most guys usually forget and then descend into a wild frenzy of restaurant booking and gift buying.

Malaysian guys sometimes said to be unromantic, boring and cheap. Okay guys, put down your pitchforks and hot oil as we will be also be insulting Malaysian women who have sometimes to be overly demanding and materialistic. There, we’ve insulted both genders, feel free to drop the hate mail (just kidding!).

I Love You Teddy Bear, something different

The I Love You teddy bear is like the workhorse of gifts, cute and cuddly. It is available in several sizes and decently priced. It can be used as gifts for all kinds of occasions.

I Love You Teddy Bear Malaysia

Often spotted hugging a giant heart that reads “I love you”, this type of I Love You teddy bear is used for various love related occasions (obviously). During weddings, birthdays or Valentine’s Day, these little guys are the go-to gift for all the forgetful guys out there. Forgotten to buy a gift or maybe just out of ideas, why not choose one these little guys?

With cute I Love You teddy bear faces smiling lovingly is potentially one of the more cutesy ways of saying “I love you”. However, we would like to say that if you are incapable of saying “I love you” in person, we suggest you reevaluate your relationship or seek professional help from a counselor.

Complete it with a box of chocolates

This guy is sure to charm that special someone if he pairs it with a box of chocolates and roses. Everyone says that sugar is now bad and that buying chocolates is not the way to go. May we remind you Mister/Miss Healthy that chocolate is an aphrodisiac and is sure a sure way of ensuring that love will blossom.

I Love You Teddy Bear Malaysa

However, if you are looking to buy one of these little guys to present to someone who has no idea who you are, we strongly recommend that you do not present them with this little guy no matter how strongly you feel for that special someone. Saying “I love you” on a first date is a surefire way to end a date. It will most likely earn you a position on the “Creepiest Guys I’ve Dated” list.


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