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Love Teddy Bear

For those of us in any relationship, we most likely would have given our significant other a love teddy bear at some point during the relationship as a sign of affection. Maybe you were looking for a special present for your loved one and that cute teddy bear just spoke to you. His beady black eyes and round body inviting you to take him home with you. His arms are always open for a hug or a cuddle after a particularly bad day.

Love Teddy Bear Malaysia

In our previous articles, we wrote about how gift-giving has become increasingly impersonal in this day and age. When some couples prefer gifting each other iPhones and iPads and Samsungs and Androids, when dates revolve around taking pictures of your food and checking-in to the latest restaurant, it would seem that romance has died.

During the older days, most of us had to contend with store bought teddy bears. Those were of course extremely adorable, but most of them unfortunately were of a rather generic design. Eventually, it would end up looking like you were buying the same gift for your girlfriend, only in a different color or size. (HA! iPhone buyers out there just cringed a bit)

Love Teddy Bear Malaysia

However, fret not as we strongly believe that romance is alive and well. With a plethora of artisan love teddy bear workshops sprouting out, lovers out there may be able to say “I love you” with a softer and furrier touch. These love teddy bear workshops allow the romantic boyfriend to customize and design his own teddy bear to be gifted to his most beloved. Perhaps you want a older fashioned teddy bear. Or maybe you’d like your teddy bear to resemble nothing less then a furry marshmallow, say no more.

Love Teddy Bear Malaysia


“What is love?” asked love teddy bear.

“Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”

As sang by Trinidadian-German musician Haddaway in his 1993 smash hit “What is love?”. Let’s face it, when this song came on the radio, we all turned up our volumes to 9. And, you most likely searched for this iconic euro-techno anthem on Youtube.

An anthem of the 90s with its iconic two line chorus, Haddaway asks listeners what is love. He then proceeds to answer that love is all about being hurt constantly and begging for mercy.

Of course, that is not a very healthy relationship now is it?

In its most general, love is essentially the mutual acceptance and attraction between two people which then forms a relationship. Love is a many splendor thing, with all of its ups and its downs.

For The Hopeless Romantics

For all us hopeless romantics, nothing says “I love you” more then a rough spun, customized love teddy bear who has traveled from the workshop of an artisan over a thousand miles away just to win the heart of your lover.

Love Teddy Bear Malaysia

Girlfriends and wives out there would have a substitute to hug and to love during all those cold nights alone. Perhaps you just had a fight because your boyfriend/husband forgot to pick up the milk on his way home. You take a glance at the chubby, little bear at the corner, and instantly you are reminded why you fell in love in the first place. For his sense of romanticism and his sentimentality.


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