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Pink Teddy Bear

Having trouble deciding on a gift?

Guys, we understand that buying a gift for your significant other has its challenges. Most gifts purchased are met with just a meh reaction. That brown teddy bear you bought for her last birthday is lying at the bottom of her closet, lonely and forgotten. Understandably, you’d want to buy your significant other a gift that makes them swoon and shower you with affection. Ever thought about a pink teddy bear?

Pink Teddy Bear Malaysia

We understand that females are complicated and men are not trained or equipped to understand them. Thus, we have this handy guide for you.

What colour should it be?

“Pink is my new obsession, pink is not even a new question” as crooned by rockstar Steven Tyler; the lead singer for Aerosmith. Pink is also the color of romance and seduction, and it is also the stage name of Alecia Beth Moore and the color and first name of cartoon character the Pink Panther. Instead of panthers or entertainers, we will be talking bears, pink teddy bears to be exact.

Pink Teddy Bear Malaysia
He may not be a Panther, but the pink Teddy bear is nevertheless still as popular as his colleague. Pink is a subset of the color red. Red elicits passion or intense emotional reactions, while pink solicits a slightly subdued reaction that it initially intends. Pink usually identifies with more femininity that appeals to females. As a result, it is the universal color of romance.

Pink Teddy Bear Malaysia

Teddy bears are anthropomorphic figures with exaggerating child-like characteristics which intend to  appear as friendly companions for children and trigger nurturing instincts in adults. Combine these two together and voila, you have the ideal Valentine’s or birthday gift; the pink teddy bear.

Bet you didn’t see that coming, did ya?

If all that jargon sounded a bit too complicated, here’s the gist of it. Pink is a romantic color and thus when we combine with the cute and cuddly characteristics of a teddy bear, the boyfriend or husband gifting the teddy bear will profit in terms of affection and love shown by his girlfriend/wife/mistress.

Pink Teddy Bear Malaysia

Her Reaction

Imagine how your significant other would feel on Valentine’s Day or her birthday. When presented with a cute, pink colored teddy bear, imagine her reactions. Firstly, it would be shocking to her that you actually remembered her birthday or Valentine’s day, then the cuteness of the teddy bear evokes a need to nurture something, while the color pink puts her in the mood for romance and love. How can this be a bad situation? We don’t think so, however beware that your significant other will be expecting the same level of romance from you in the future, so please don’t blame us.

Pink Teddy Bear Malaysia

For the ladies out there, we are definitely not trying to manipulate the emotions of all you lovely ladies. We are merely explaining the science behind buying the perfect gift for all the girlfriends and wives out there. We understand the plight facing most Malaysian women who often complain that their men are unromantic and boring. Hence, we have written this guide to bring about some love and romance back into stale relationships.

Pink Teddy Bear Malaysia

Often, a simple well-thought out gift coupled with a handwritten note or some pink roses goes a long way into rekindling a relationship that may have lost some of its fire.


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