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Purple Teddy bear

(Almost) Everything you need to know to find the perfect teddy bear for anyone!

Teddy bears started as a novelty toy cooked up by a toy manufacturer in New York City to becoming one of the most iconic toys that ever existed. Turns out that this toy maker was looking for a news worthy story. And seeking an opportunity to capitalize on the incident involving Theodore Roosevelt pardoning a captured bear on a hunt at Yellowstone National Park. 

Purple Teddy Bear Malaysia

There’s just something truly special about teddy bears. Which is why finding the perfect teddy bear for that special someone in your life is crazy important. At first glance, it may not look like there’s all that much to consider after all. Aside from choosing between a traditional teddy bear and a purple teddy bear, for example. Truth is, there are several things that you may want to look into before you finalize your purchasing decision.

Let’s dive right in!

Be sure to find age-appropriate teddy bears

With an almost endless supply of teddy bears on the market today, choosing the most age-appropriate teddy bear can be more of a challenge than most people realize. This is especially true since the materials used and designs for kids under the age of three can be quite different from those intended for older children . Likewise, the same would apply for adults.

Purple Teddy Bear Malaysia

Teddy bears for children are usually brightly colored and have much shorter fur. More importantly, they are designed to capture the attention of the children playing with them. You’ll have no trouble whatsoever grabbing a child’s attention with blue, red or purple teddy bear!

Purple Teddy Bear Malaysia

Teddy bears for older kids are usually more subdued, a wee bit more traditional, and a tad larger. Usually, these are relatively heavier as well (though no one would confuse a teddy bear with a brick!).

Find a teddy bear that ages well

You’re also going to want to try and find teddy bears that are going to be able to withstand “daily abuse”. Well, what do we mean by that? Think about the “daily torture”, pulling and tugging that the recipient of these teddies are going to put them through.

Purple Teddy Bear Malaysia

Babies and young children are going to play very, very roughly with their new teddy bears. Hence, these furry friends need to be designed to withstand all kinds of “pressure”. Heirloom teddy bears (those intended to be handed down throughout the generations) should be made of the finest material available. More often than not, these family treasures are crafted by experts. And is able to withstand the daily rigors of life over years to come.

Really consider the message that you are giving alongside this teddy bear

The last thing that you’ll need to be sure to consider when buying a teddy bear is what kind of message it is conveying to the recipient.

Let’s take a purple teddy bear, for example.

Purple teddy bear toys are very popular these days, amongst both young and old alike. People seem to associate the color purple with imagination, spirituality, and inspiration. A very introspective color, purple teddy bears unleashes the inner creativity that we all have latently within us. Thus these teddy bears would make perfect gifts for those displaying talent in their creative fields. This is because purple or violet is just such an inspiring and uplifting color.

Purple Teddy Bear Malaysia

It’s important to be sure that you are passing along a teddy bear that is going to convey the right message. Romantic teddy bears sent to people whom you do not share romantic feelings with would seem weird to the confused recipient. On the other hand, teddies which aren’t very romantic sent to people whom you DO have romantic feelings for can be just as disastrous as well! 

Purple Teddy Bear Malaysia

At the end of the day, finding the right teddy bear – purple teddy bear or otherwise – will be a piece of cake if you use the tips and tricks we’ve included above.


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