Teddy Bear For Babies

Teddy Bear For Babies


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New born babies

From baby showers to Full Moon celebrations or even birthdays, the teddy bear for babies is a godsend for any clueless guys out there, just like the writer. Soft, cuddly and cute as a button, teddy bears are ideal gifts for anyone looking to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

Teddy Bear for Babies Malaysia

Not only are teddy bears for babies cute gifts, but you can pick up a decent size teddy bear at any gift or toy store for a reasonable price.

Let’s face it, babies are cute as anything. However, they spend 90% of the time sleeping and the remaining 10% drooling or crying. In all fairness, the new parents are the ones that benefit from the gift. The poor little tyke often would not have any idea what to with any of his gifts.

Teddy Bear for Babies Malaysia

But before you go running off and saying that gifts don’t matter, we would like to share with you, dear reader why the teddy bear is actually the ideal gift for babies.

Teddy Bear for children as a gift

Firstly, teddy bear for babies lack any small parts that which may present a choking hazard. To babies, the world is a strange. Everything is new and they must taste everything with their mouths. The thought process of a baby can be illustrated simply as: delicious porridge by mommy; heck no! Electrical socket or a knife; I must have it!

Teddy Bear for Babies Malaysia

Thus, to spare the happy new parents the extreme stress of having to constantly monitor their new baby, a quality teddy bear should have no noticeable bits that can be broken off. It should not should have fur that is not dyed with chemical coloring of any sort.

The benefits of a teddy bear

Studies have shown that children who sleep with a teddy bear tend to face less separation anxiety as compared to children who slept without a teddy bear. So, for all you parents out there, take note of this. Don’t mistake your buddy’s gift as just another simple teddy bear. He was most likely concerned of the effects of separation anxiety on your child’s development. In addition, the havoc it would play with your sleep cycle. Having a baby sleep with a teddy bear provides a sense of security and safety for the infant. It will later reduce some of the anxiety that a child may face when sleeping alone.

Teddy Bear for Babies Malaysia

When shopping always be sure to check with the staff on hand if the teddy bear is suitable for babies. Some companies manufacture hypoallergenic teddy bears which in fancy talk means that it will not cause an allergic reaction in the baby. As babies are sensitive creatures, please do take this into account when shopping around.

Teddy Bear for Babies Malaysia

Finally, babies are apt to drool all over the place and love tasting things. The teddy bear for babies you buy should ideally be suitable for machine washing in the interests of hygiene. After all, dirty teddy bears are not healthy teddy bears.


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