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Teddy Bear Gifts

A teddy bear is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a stuffed toy bear. Whereas a gift is defined as something that is given to another person. (Yes dear readers, even writers need to use the dictionary from time-to-time). Therefore, I am sure you know what teddy bear gifts are.

So, the time has come again for you to buy a gift for (insert name of person that matters to you here). Unfortunately, you are out of ideas on what is there to buy, and you are also on an oh so tight budget. Frustrating isn’t it, to be in a shopping mall surrounded by dozens of gift ideas but none of them seem to make any sense to you.

Teddy Bear Gifts Malaysia

Shopping for presents got you like….

Please allow us to introduce you to the teddy bear; available in all shapes and sizes, beloved all over the world and instantly recognizable. Teddy bear gifts are unique in the sense that he makes the perfect gift for everyone, well almost.

We will be focusing on why teddy bears gifts are the  go to gifts for all you shoppers out there.

It’s a Teddy Bear!

Your girlfriend is once again mad at your for forgetting her to pick her up from work. So, she had to wait for an hour under the pouring rain by herself. Long story short, she isn’t talking to you and you’re in trouble. Maybe a teddy bear would make feel better. We don’t mean to generalize here, but a cuddly teddy bear with his loving little eyes and cute button nose would go a long way in getting you out of the mess.

Teddy Bear Gifts Malaysia

Well if not, you most likely made too many mistakes in the past which would explain why she has a dozen teddy bears.

He’s Great With Kids

In this day and age, innumerable amounts of electronic gadgetry are surrounding the kids. Laptops, Smartphones and tablets ensure that the younger generation is connected 24/7. Why not break the trend and not your bank by buying a teddy bear for the little tike? Studies have shown that children who sleep with teddy bears face lower levels of anxiety and sleep better due to the sense of security offered by the teddy bear. Imagine the look of joy on your friend’s face as she thanks you for giving them to finally get a good night’s rest for once.

This Modern Love

Frankly, guys have never been known to be particularly romantic. In particular Malaysian guys. Our idea of a date is a roti telur and teh ais at a mamak. Thankfully, we now have stylish designer coffee houses where we can drink overpriced lattes and espressos with our significant other and show our love by bombarding Instagram and Facebook with photos of ourselves.

Teddy Bear Gifts Malaysia

Why not bring some romance into your relationship, surprise the special lady in your life with a teddy bear? Instead of chocolates and roses, a cuddly teddy bear companion would be an interesting change of pace. Teddy bear gifts represent a tangible memory for your romance, instead of digital images uploaded to Instagram. Take not ladies, if your man gives you a teddy bear, he’s not being cheap, he wants you to have somebody to hug and love while he’s away.


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