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Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear


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How Did Valentine’s Come About?

St Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day to most of us is named after the patron saint of romance and love, St Valentine. A true romantic, St Valentine sacrificed himself so that young lovers would be able to marry the partners of their choice. Thus, modern day lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out on dates and gifting each with flowers and chocolates. Why flowers, chocolates and Valentine’s Day teddy bear? We have no idea.

Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

“Congratulations on your marriage son.”
“Wait whaa…. What marriage?”
“That’s the spirit”

The Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear

A popular gift of choice for Valentine’s Day for most couples would be the Valentine’s Day teddy bear. Most Malaysian students would remember Valentine’s Day. Oops…we meant Friendship Day which annoyed the living daylights out of teachers as students went from class to class delivering gifts to their crushes or girlfriend/boyfriend. Naturally, during this “puppy love” phase, the Valentine’s Day teddy bear was one of the favorite gifts that one would gift their intended boyfriend/girlfriend.

Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

People usually treasure and keep aside these gifts for years to come. The most popular guys/gals will be receiving these gifts. They would often be seen clutching a massive stack of presents as they left school that day.

Some of our lonelier school mates would sometimes gift themselves presents so as to not appear to be totally alone. This writer never received any presents nor did he give out any presents. However, he found great joy in sending Valentine’s Day teddy bears to his friends from mysterious admirers with attached love letters. Even during those days, this writer was misusing his ability as a writer to harass, annoy and entertain. He would then sit back and enjoy the show as his friends went insane searching for their non-existent secret admirers.

Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

For all those couples who have been together for many years now, sometimes the spark may seem to have dulled slightly over the years. What was once considered a cute “trait” that your significant other had is now a soul scorching irritation which drives you up the wall. Forget what they say about a romantic getaway by the beach, the solution is direct and simple. Buy a Valentine’s Day teddy bear for your loved one.

A simple way to say “I Love You

Bring back some nostalgia into your romance. From a time reminiscent of the older days when buying a teddy bear and spending all your money on a dinner in a halfway decent restaurant on Valentine’s Day meant the world to both of you. So why not have a cute teddy bear commemorating your relationship together? Nothing says “I love you” then a simple heartfelt gift which is deep in sentimental value.

Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Malaysia

Expensive gifts on the long run add to the resentment of being the “only one trying” in a relationship. Whereas, a gift which brings back nostalgia from days gone by, from simpler times may be just what you need. A memento which reminds both of you why you fell in love in the first place.


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