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White Teddy Bear


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White Teddy Bear

The word white has is often associated with cleanliness and purity. Speaking of the humble white teddy bear, teddy bears in general have been somewhat of a resurgence. With numerous artisan teddy bear workshops sprouting up, the teddy bear has become increasingly popular as a gift. You, dear readers may be wondering why we have been rambling on about the color white and teddy bears. So, sit yourself down and read on.

White Teddy Bear Malaysia

Why are wedding dresses white?

Ever wondered why wedding dresses are traditionally white in color? No, it’s not white because we want the bride to struggle and fret with stains. But, we like how you think. Wedding gowns have symbolically been white as the color white represents purity and innocence. By dressing in white, the bride is presenting herself to the groom as a virgin, waiting only for her one true love.

White Teddy Bear Malaysia

Before we get to carried away, allow us to explain why white teddy bears may be the greatest wedding decoration ever. The wedding ceremony is the formal joining of two people in holy matrimony. This is a lifetime vow and broken only by death. A wedding ceremony signifies the end of one phase in life. For example, courtship and dating and the beginning of a new phase i.e. the part where the man surrenders everything; no we’re just joking, it is the phase when a couple embarks on the first step to beginning a new life together.

White Teddy Bear Malaysia

Perhaps as an accouterments to the traditional wedding rings, couples should consider gifting each other teddy bears. Why not give your beautiful bride a white teddy bear dressed up in a tuxedo, looking forward to his wedding. Whereas the blushing bride would present her groom with a teddy bear dressed up in her wedding gown.

White Teddy Bear Malaysia

Innocent and pure

Innocent and pure, unsure of what the future will bring, but still optimistic and looking forward to braving the future together, these teddy bear would be comforting figure, unconcerned with the challenges that life may hold and always there during the darkest, most difficult moments.

White Teddy Bear Malaysia

When everything has been said and done, after the ceremonies and congratulations and the pressures of life start taking their toll on the relationship, this is when a marriage really begins and couples may start asking why they even got married in the first place. A quick glimpse at the two teddy bears would remind you that once upon a time, you fell in love with a woman and vowed to spend all of your days together.


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